American Eagle offers home inspections throughout Hampton Roads.

We provide many types of home inspections:

Buyers Inspections

Purchasing a home is one of the biggest decisions you may ever make. Buyers want to be confident that they are making an informed choice. A thorough home inspection is the best way to get peace of mind when it comes to the home buying process. Your report will include any potential repairs needed with the home under consideration. You’ll receive information on exactly what the issue is, what it may cost to fix the issue and if the repair is urgent or a matter of future maintenance. Like with all of our home inspections, the value of a thorough home inspection gives buyers information that could help them increase the home’s efficiency and decrease monthly utility costs.

Sellers’ Inspections

A seller’s inspection is one of the most valuable decisions a seller can make because it allows the seller to eliminate potential complications with the sell of their home.

You want your home to sell quickly and without any fear that the home may “fail” a buyer’s inspection. Even a small issue can complicate or break a contract. Some repairs may be very small, but could make a huge difference in the desirability of your home and how quickly your home closes.

With a thorough inspection in hand, you’ll know ahead of time what you may need to repair in order to sell your home. You’ll feel confident when the buyer brings his or her own inspector.

New Construction Inspections

Think because it’s new, that it’s perfect? Think again! New Construction Inspections are needed to protect clients who intend to purchase a new home. Meeting city code doesn’t necessarily mean that the construction will meet the buyer’s needs. An impartial inspection can help you determine if the new construction is up to par.

You’ll be protected against accepting unfinished work or inadequate work. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a brand new home only to find out that there’s inadequate electrical or AC service to meet the home’s square footage, or that the roofing materials were incorrectly installed!

As a licensed Class A builder with over 30 years in the construction industry, I know what to look for. American Eagle Home Inspections provides thorough inspections for new construction builds so that you can truly have peace of mind.

Listing Inspections

Listing inspections can be provided for real estate agencies and also for individual real estate agents. Like sellers, real estate agents don’t enjoy surprises. Thorough home inspections can help agents better manage the home selling process.

Home Maintenance Inspections

You may not be buying or selling a home, so why get a home inspection? There are many small home repair issues that easily slip under the radar until it’s too late. By the time the issue has gone on for a while, a large repair may be necessary. Don’t let this happen to you. Home maintenance inspections can easily pay for themselves by reducing costs in two ways. First, by pointing out savings opportunities. Second, by catching repair issues early before they become a major expense.

Areas We Serve

No matter if you live in Virginia Beach, Newport News, or beyond, American Eagle Home Inspections is ready to help you with a flexible schedule and thorough inspection.

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