Homebuyer Pitfalls to Avoid

Homebuyer Pitfalls to Avoid

You think you’ve found the perfect home: it’s a fantastic price! It’s in the right location; it’s beautiful, and has all the amenities you’re looking for. But buyer beware: get a home inspection you can count on, and be prepared to WALK AWAY. This is not something you want to hear. But this is the most important aspect of getting a reliable home inspection report. A few hundred dollars can save you thousands and loads of heartache.

Particularly if you’re a first-time home buyer, you may be looking for a home inspection that confirms you’re buying right. First-timers are more likely to look for the cheapest home inspection they can get and not realize that the most important advice they might be paying for is, “Don’t buy this. It will cost you more to repair the damage than the house costs.”

Have a look at what can happen in this news report.

It’s important to be sure you listen to what you hear and don’t get your hopes up. Alyson of bankrate.com writes about the 5 most common mistakes home buyers make during the home inspection process. Number 4 is a big one: “Not following up on the inspector’s recommendations” before closing. After getting a report back, you’ll need to determine just how much defects will cost to fix. And that’s where hiring a home inspector who’s got custom home building experience really counts. We can properly estimate how much repairs will cost unlike many inspector only services.

The date your home was built has a bearing on what sorts of issues we look for, even those built recently. All homes can have moisture issues that are unseen to the inexperienced eye. HGTV has an interesting article on common issues, particularly based on when the home was built.

Always buy a home contingent on inspection. The home inspection is your safeguard to back out of a deal that’s not a good one. Megan of investopedia lists some of those items home inspectors are likely to gloss.

Ensure you have an expert who inspects every detail.