Inspection Tips

Inspection Tips

Home Inspection TipsHere are the most frequently asked questions and home inspection tips. Of course, I’m happy to answer any specific questions, Contact Us.

Home Inspection Tips: FAQs

What should I expect from my inspection report?
You should expect that not everything in the home will be perfect. There are almost always areas for improvement, even in new construction. It’s good to find and address home repairs and maintenance issues early, before they become larger problems. Keeping realistic expectations also helps you manage your home buying, selling, and maintenance decisions.

Since it’s recommended that you attend if possible, you should also expect your home inspection to take a few hours, or longer if it’s a really large home.

How do I find a qualified home inspector?
You may start with recommendations from your real estate agent or a friend who has been happy with his or her home inspection.

Don’t stop there; do some research. A good inspector will have references. Contact the references and read testimonials about the inspector. Contact the BBB and ask if any complaints have been filed. See our testimonials on the home page.

Make certain your inspector is properly trained and a Virginia State Certified Home Inspector. American Eagle is a Virginia Certified Home Inspector, with additional certifications from AHIT (American Home Inspectors Training), and ESA (Environmental Solution Association).

Hire an inspector who is insured! Finally, look for an inspector with experience; someone who is honest and has your best interest in mind.

Should an inspector refer me to a particular contractor to do repairs?
No. It would be a conflict of interest for an inspector to refer his clients to a specific contractor or technician to do repairs. An inspector should give an independent, non-biased report and only recommend that specific work or evaluations be done, not who should do the repairs.

When do I get my home inspection report?
You’ll receive your report within 24 hours of the inspection (usually the same day).

What information will my inspection report contain?
Your inspection report will contain a thorough checklist AND photo narrative report of everything that was inspected, its condition, and any notes regarding necessary maintenance or repairs. Your report will have general home maintenance tips, specific tips, and a breakdown of potential costs of repairs.

Should I be present for the home inspection?
Yes. Your home is a large investment. If possible, you should be present to ask questions and receive clarification if you desire. During the inspection, I welcome your questions and take the time to make certain you feel comfortable, understand any potential home maintenance or repair issues and how they may be addressed.

What are some common problems Found During Home Inspections
To a home buyer or seller, no problem seems “common”. But, there are problems that occur frequently and seem to grow quickly if not addressed.

Water damage is a big one! It can cause rot, mold, insect infestation and a host of other issues. Another common problem occurs with age of the structure. Electrical issues are often found in old homes that haven’t been brought up to today’s standards. Even homes that aren’t that old may have roofing materials that are at their age limit, or mechanical systems that need maintenance. Newer homes can suffer from common issues such as improper grading that leads water to, instead of away from the home, or improperly installed vents, plumbing, electric issues, and more.

HGTV has put together a great article on common problems with home inspections. You’ll also find a host of other great tips for home maintenance on their website. See our article on homebuyer pitfalls to avoid.

I’m buying a house; what if my report shows there are repairs that need to be made?
You can expect that some repairs may need to be made. Some buyers renegotiate the selling price based on repairs or ask that the seller make the repairs. Speak with your real estate agent about the best course of action. Real estate agents are prepared to help you manage the process by contacting technicians to do repairs, and negotiating based on home inspection findings.

Are seller inspections just as thorough as buyer inspections?
Yes. Buyer, seller and maintenance inspections all cover the same areas and are equally thorough.

What should I do to better maintain my home?
American Eagle home inspection reports all come with a list of home maintenance tips. There are a few key tips that are very important to an efficiently maintained home. Obtain yearly, seasonal services on all components such as furnaces, AC units, water heaters, etc. This maintenance can dramatically extend the life and efficiency of your home systems.

Seasonal tasks include cleaning the gutters to prevent leaks and having your wood-burning fireplace professionally cleaned. Checking that your windows are adequately caulked can prevent leaks and stop bug infestations. And, of course, check your AC filter monthly; most filters recommend replacement every two to three months.

Virginia Beach Home Inspections: And Beyond!

Yes, I do Virginia Beach home inspections, but Newport News, Suffolk, and Norfolk and all of Hampton Roads can rely on quality, Virginia certified home inspections by American Eagle. No matter where you’re located, you can count on fast service and receiving your finalized inspection report quickly.