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We have following certifications:

AHIT CertificationEnvironmental Solutions CertificationVirginia State Home Inspector Certification

American Eagle Home Inspections holds the AHIT certification, Virginia Home Inspectors Certification, and ESA  Certification. Click on the links above to view the licenses.

The Virginia Home Inspector Certification is issued by ALHI (Asbestos, Lead, Home Inspectors Board) and you can read more about what it means to be certified on our Virginia Certified Home Inspector page.

American Eagle was founded out of Tiller Construction Company, which holds a Class “A” Building License.

The AHIT is a national home inspections training program and is approved by ASHI, NAHI, NACHI, CREIA, TREC and other professional organizations. AHIT training is offered at over 120 colleges and universities. AHIT certification offers the benefit on continuing education in home inspection practices.

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You can learn even more about ALHI by visiting their home page.