Virginia Certified Home Inspector

Virginia Certified Home Inspector

Virginia Certified Home InspectorReal estate agents, home buyers, and sellers often ask, “Are you a Virginia certified home inspector?”

YES! American Eagle Home Inspections is Virginia certified and American Home Inspection Training Certified.

What does it take to become a Virginia Certified Home Inspector?

You may be surprised to learn that inspectors don’t have to be certified to conduct inspections in the state of Virginia. And, that’s why so many people ask.

To be a certified home inspector in the state of Virginia, inspectors need to meet minimum requirements of 35 hours of hands on inspection training and 100 home inspections. There are many training programs. AHIT is one of the better known, and was a clear choice. Certified home inspectors must also meet other requirements beyond technical abilities. They must be approved by a board, pass a written exam, maintain a reputation that is in good standing with Board of Asbestos, Lead, Home Inspections, and maintain general liability insurance.

Beyond Certification

Certification is important to maintaining standards in the industry. It’s important to you and it’s important to me, as a home inspector.

What makes American Eagle unique, is that in addition to being a Virginia State Certified Home Inspector, I have over 30 years experience in custom home building with Tiller Construction Co, INC. As a class A contractor, I developed the skills to look beyond the obvious and inspect homes with an eagle’s eye for detail! I understand home construction, from the inside out. This brings a unique perspective to my home inspection customers. Clues that might otherwise go unnoticed are more obvious to someone who has experience in construction.

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