Know What You’re Buying

Know What You’re Buying

Know What You're BuyingKnowing what’s ahead is key in making informed decisions. But how do you know? A thorough home inspection is a great place to start. But there’s more.

Know What Your Buying (or Selling)

Throughout Hampton Roads, home inspections are being done everyday. What’s the difference between one home inspector and another?

Did you know that the state of Virginia doesn’t require that home inspectors receive certification to conduct inspections? Not all home inspectors are equal. American Eagle is a Virginia State Certified Home Inspector.

Not only is American Eagle Virginia certified, but with over 30 years experience in custom home building and as a licensed class A contractor, our experience goes beyond what is taught at the AHIT (American Home Inspectors Training Institute). American Eagle looks with a keen eye at the details to see potential issues, quality of construction, and potential cost reduction through efficient home maintenance.

Your inspection report will contain the information you need to make informed decisions. You’ll receive maintenance tips, detailed photos of every maintenance issue along with an average cost estimation and timeline for future repairs.

Don’t buy a new home without being informed. A quality Virginia certified home inspection is a small investment that gives a big return.

If you’re selling, home inspections are equally important. With the right information, you’ll be prepared to bring your home to market. You can make informed decisions about price, potential repairs or decide to selling your home “as is”by allowing buyer’s to have home inspection for informational purposes only.

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