American Eagle Home Inspections was born out of Tiller Construction Co, Inc.

After 30 years in the business of quality custom home construction and renovations, it became clear that home buyers in Hampton Roads could benefit from thorough inspections done by a home inspector who has experience as a class A Licensed Builder. That’s what makes American Eagle Home Inspections unique among other Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach home inspectors.

Because I have experience in all phases of construction including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, roofing, and interior construction, I see what many home inspectors may miss.

Along with a thorough inspection report, you’ll receive estimated costs of future repairs. Knowing how much repairs may cost and how long you have before those repairs must be made can help you make home buying and selling decisions with confidence.

Flexible Scheduling is something that many home buyers and real estate agents desire. Be assured that your scheduling needs are high priority! You’ll receive a home inspection quickly and a report within 24 hours, and in most cases within the same day.

Virginia Certified Home Inspector

American Eagle holds the following certifications :

  • Home Inspectors Virginia State Certification (Board of Asbestos Lead and Home Inspectors).
  • AHIT certified (American Home Inspectors Training Institute)
  • Certified Lead Renovator (Environmental Solutions Association)

About Your Home Inspection

Your home inspection will include many photos. Every area with construction issues that may need to be addressed, along with general photos of the condition of the home will be photographed. These photos will include references to the information you need for repairs and general information about the condition of the photographed item.

Your report will also include information obtained through use of many general inspection devices. For instance, you’ll know the efficiency of the air system by use of a laser temperature gun for gauging temperature differentials between AC returns and air registers. A gas leak detector will test for potential gas leaks. All receptacles will be tested with an electric voltage tester. A number of manual tests will be included. For details, see a home inspection report sample.

You’ll get lots of information about home inspections on our home inspection tips page, so take a look!

About the Areas We Serve

American Eagle Home Inspections does home inspections for all of Hampton Roads including:

  • Suffolk
  • Chesapeake
  • Newport News
  • Norfolk
  • Virginia Beach

You can trust your home to inspections by American Eagle!